A COVID-19 initiative providing a dedicated channel for essential supplies for New Zealand and Singapore

LAST UPDATED: 19 June. Updated Request List from Singapore available.

New Zealand and Singapore enjoy a strong and enduring friendship. The two countries have worked intensively together on trade and security since the 1960's. A solid track record of working together, strengthened by the Singapore-New Zealand Enhanced Partnership, has translated into close cooperation during the COVID-19 crisis.

In April 2020, New Zealand and Singapore jointly announced the launch of a 'Declaration on Trade in Essential Goods for Combating the COVID-19 Pandemic'. The aim is to ensure supply chains remain open and to ensure that trade continues to flow, unimpeded, for a list of essential supplies. The Singapore-New Zealand Airfreight Project is a tangible outcome of the Declaration. It seeks to provide freight capacity for designated essential products, including food, medicines, medical and surgical equipment.

This page details opportunities for the streamlined exchange of essential goods between Singapore and New Zealand as a temporary and immediate response to the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over a series of 10 flights, prioritised essential goods are freighted in both directions.

A rate has been set at SG$1.60 / NZ$1.86 per kg for essential goods on scheduled flights.

  • For essential goods: request lists and flight details are regularly updated. For more information, or any questions, contact

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How it works – Essential Food Supplies to Singapore

Please go to the relevant folder below if you are a Singapore importer or New Zealand exporter.

For Air New Zealand SNAP charter flights, exporters and importers are responsible for negotiating on a CIP basis at NZ$1.86/kg for the airfreight component only. Shipments will also incur standard freight forwarder charges, and terminal and handling charges.

For Singapore Airlines SNAP flights, exporters and importers are responsible for negotiating on a CIP basis using the current Singapore Airlines freight rate.

For Singapore importers
  • Downloadable Request Form: Use this form to make all requests for New Zealand goods.

  • Frequently Asked Questions: Questions answered on operational details of the SNAP.

For New Zealand exporters
  • Singapore's Request List: A list of Singapore's requests with contact details for follow up.

  • Frequently Asked Questions: Questions answered on operational details of the SNAP.

Note: This folder is password protected, you can request access below.

How it works – Essential Supplies to New Zealand

Under SNAP, Singapore is helping to provide New Zealand with essential supplies.

Medical supplies

Singapore is helping to secure essential medical supplies for New Zealand amid global pressures on some key items caused by COVID-19. This part of the arrangement is being closely managed through coordination with health authorities and providers in both countries.

Additional supplies

New Zealand importers will have the opportunity to use dedicated capacity to import essential supplies from Singapore into New Zealand at SNAP rates. If you wish to use these flights, please complete a request form detailing the criticality of your import and email it to

See upcoming flight options here and share with your freight forwarder once the deal is concluded.

Important considerations

For goods in both directions, exporters and importers from Singapore and New Zealand are responsible for all arrangements with logistics providers and airlines, and for due diligence, negotiations, terms of payment, costs, contracts, and border compliance. New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and other agencies will not act as agents or intermediaries. These are commercial transactions.


Upcoming flight options

View the upcoming flight options between Singapore and New Zealand.

Frequently asked questions

What is considered an essential good for export?

Any food export from New Zealand sought and designated by the Singaporean Government according to Singapore's request list. Any medical (or potentially manufactured) good exported or re-exported from Singapore deemed essential by the New Zealand Government.

Can I request for a food product to be added to the essential goods Request List?

Yes. If you are a New Zealand exporter, your Singaporean importer should submit the Request Form, found here, to MTI (contact details on form) who will determine whether it qualifies.

How long will this scheme last?

The scheme will last for a period of up to ten flights, operated by Singapore Airlines and Air New Zealand on alternate weeks.

I am a Singaporean food importer who would like to participate in SNAP. How can I do so?

If you are a Singapore-based importer who would like to participate in the SNAP, please download the Request Form here. The Singapore government will review your application and notify you if it is accepted.

Do products exported to Singapore need to meet normal import and export regulatory requirements?

Yes. Exporters will still need to meet New Zealand export and Singapore import requirements, including, where necessary, export certification. For animal products, exporters should refer to the OMAR page on the MPI website.

Enquiries relating to export requirements should be made to

An All of Government initiative

Coordinated through the COVID-19 Operations Command Centre (OCC).

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