The scope and pace of change in the technology sector due to COVID-19 in Australia is enormous. Revenues are dropping for many end-user organisations, requiring them to rapidly adjust their strategies, expenditure and staffing levels, market participation and so on.

Technology and services suppliers have found that the degree and scope of their business control systems around pipeline, customer satisfaction, churn rates and marketing strategy have been lacking in the current pandemic. However, it is a timely reminder that systems and processes need to allow not only for effective execution, they are also a safety net against variations in market conditions. Many technology and services providers have experienced a significant change to their ability to execute their current projects, close existing opportunities and build new opportunities.

Advice to exporters

Under the current circumstances, when working with clients and prospects alike, it is critical to understand the business issues at hand, the resulting pain, and clients' ability to make a decision and commit funds.

If prospects and clients view your organisation as one that is seeking to understand and help, you'll make much more progress than if you're seen as simply trying to sell a product or service. Help clients interpret the new environment and work with them to navigate out of it and prepare for the future.

This is also a good time to re-assess internal systems and processes to ensure they are aligned around the customer journey. Many technology and services firms are making time to re-map (or map for the first time) what the ideal customer journey is – with the actual client at the centre of those designs.

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Last updated: 1 Jun 2020
COVID-19 Market Realities: Tech in Australia, 25 May

NZTE Commercial Business Advisor, Greg Harrison, speaks with industry advisor & founding MD for Xero in Australia, Chris Ridd, about tech.

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